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Bottle clip with name and logo

This thing is a simple clip with your name on it which can be used to mark your bottles.

The clip is customizable and you can tweak the following parameters:

  • name on the clip, font, and optional, logo.
  • height and radius on the upper and lower side, for easy adaptation to other bottle types. The script includes examples for standard 0.5l Club Mate (and similar) bottles as well as 0.33l longneck bottles and German 0.33l DIN 6199 (“Steinie”) beer bottles.
  • wall thickness (though the default should be okay for easy clipping)


First, get all prerequisites. If you cloned this repository with Git, all you have to do is cd into the repository and do a git submodule init && git submodule update. Otherwise, you need the following:

  • Write.scad and at least one font, put it into the write/ subfolder
  • If you want a logo on your name tag, draw a DXF file by yourself, or choose one out of my collection at rohieb/thing-logos. Your own logos should be no more than 50mm in height, and centered on point (25,25) for optimal results.

Then open example.scad in OpenSCAD, read it, choose an example that matches your expectations, comment it out (remove the // on the beginning of the line) and adapt it to your needs, or create your own. The code itself resides in bottle-clip.scad and should be documented sufficiently.

Ancestry and Licence

The original design was made by Thingiverse user wizard23 under CC-BY-NC-3.0. daniel first put the text and then the logo on it, both his designs were CC-BY-SA-3.0. In the direct consequence, the design in this repo is also CC-BY-SA-3.0.

// vim: set et ts=2 sw=2 tw=0: